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The University of Minnesota - Global Landscapes Initiative

Daniel Reardon serves the Otto Bremer Trust as a co-CEO and trustee. Alongside fellow trustees, he oversees the activities of the trust, particularly in regards to grant making and investing. Prior to joining the Otto Bremer Trust, Daniel Reardon studied economics at the University of Minnesota and earned his bachelor’s degree in 1984

The University of Minnesota has dedicated itself to researching the possible ramifications of global land use through its Global Landscapes Initiative (GLI).

The program is focused on researching and developing new tools that will help the agricultural industry adapt to the changing demands of an ever-growing global population. It does so with an eye toward sustainability and conservation and aims to maintain the balance between the needs of the global population and the environmental responsibilities that humanity has to the land it uses.

Overseen by a team of faculty, graduates, and students, GLI publishes research and data that is made available to key …