Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Afton Alps Ski Area


The co-CEO and a trustee of the Otto Bremer Trust, Daniel Reardon resides in Minnesota. Outside of his professional work at the Otto Bremer Trust, Daniel Reardon is an outdoorsman and likes to ski. One of his favorite resorts is the Afton Alps Ski Area.

Minnesota offers several skiing options for beginners as well as steeper slopes for more experienced skiers. One of the more challenging spots is the Afton Alps Ski Area, which features over 300 acres and is located in Hastings, Minnesota, in the Saint Croix River Valley.

In addition to 48 trails and four terrain parks, including one featuring X-Games-inspired events, Afton Alps has a state-of-the-art snow-making system that creates greater depth to the snow base. Guests are able to reach the trails through the use of 18 ski lifts, and nearly all the 300 acres are skiable. Afton Alps also offers a ski and snowboard school that teaches beginners proper techniques.

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